Who we are ?

The Indian cultural history of 5,000 years flows through generations as it reflects in immortal folk-dances and folklore, depicting vibrant and vivid patterns. The folk dances of India are generally quite spontaneous and are the creation of the people’s imagination and desire for artistic and emotional expression. Displaying no inclination towards a rigid form, the whole depiction of folk art is guided more by the subject of the songs, which glorify nature, express traditional occupations or offer devotion to the deities.

Upcoming Event

  • To promote amateur talent in all the fields of Art-Theater, Dance, Folk Dance, Music , Songs etc.
  • To strive for an all round culture development of the artistes. 
  • To provide a thorough training of body, mind and soul thorough Yoga. Aerobics leadership seminars, dance and music workshops.
  • To provide opportunity and prepare young and child amateur artists to display their talents at national and international levels.
  • To provide a platform for amateur talents to blossom as professional artists.

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